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Cryptocurrencies : 0

Total Market Cap : $ 00 B

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Frequently Ask Questions

CoinsCapture lists around 3000+ cryptocurrencies and ranks them on the basis of Market Cap.

The data is updated by Bots on a variable schedule. The time-sensitive metric is updated every five minutes whereas less time-sensitive is updated once a day.

Market Cap is one approach to rank the relative size of a cryptocurrency. It is calculated as: Market Cap = Price x Circulating Supply.

Circulating Supply is the approximate number of coins circulating in the market and in general public’s hands.

Total Supply is the aggregate sum of coins in existence right now (minus any coins that have been verifiably burned).

We've discovered, to determine the Market Cap, Circulating Supply can be used as a better metric. Coins that are locked, reserved, or not able to be sold in the general market, are coins that can't influence the cost and should not be permitted to influence the Market Cap also.

coin is a cryptocurrency that operate independently. A Token is a cryptocurrency that requires another cryptocurrency to exist and operate.

Coinscapture does not directly sell any cryptocurrency. There are various methods to buy cryptocurrency like a peer-to-peer exchange,, Bitcoin ATM, and a private transaction, etc. To learn, how to buy cryptocurrency? You can explore at CoinBNS.

It depends upon fluctuation of cryptocurrency price as per the current time. It's a rolling 24 hour period.

No, currently we do not offer API.

Almost every cryptocurrency has been called a scam at some point in its lifetime. We are here to provide you with a reliable platform to make your own conclusions and not judge the merits of cryptocurrency. As long as it meets the listing criteria, it's qualified to be on the site.

It is difficult to list everything and listing cryptocurrency is a manual process requiring time and resources to ensure the accuracy of our data.

We have plans to educate the students about cryptocurrency, busting the myths about blockchain and digital currency and list more coins on Coinscapture. For any suggestions please drop a mail at [email protected].

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